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Grow your company.
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From simple strategies and practical frameworks to transferable skills that transform your organization, learn everything you need to know about the most sought-after, revenue-generating skills with Butler Street’s online staffing training and development courses.

eLearning for the Staffing Industry

Curriculum Overview

Take a holistic approach to building
organizational resilience.

With unprecedented shifts in the supply and demand of talent, Butler Street’s eLearning for the staffing industry offers a complete system for onboarding new team members, managing the performance of existing teams, and ultimately, creating stability amidst labor market shifts.

Leadership Effectiveness

For leaders who want to lead authentically while building a performance-driven culture.

Recruiting Effectiveness

For recruiters who want to proactively build stronger, more genuine candidate relationships.

Sales Effectiveness

For salespeople who want to build good habits, exceed quotas, and sell consultatively.

Account Management

For account managers who want to proactively drive client retention and growth.

Leadership Effectiveness

For leaders who want to...

Butler Street eLearning training for leaders
elearning for recruiters

Recruiting Effectiveness

For recruiters who want to...

Sales Effectiveness

For salespeople, seasoned and new, who want to...

elearning for staffing industry
Butler Street elearning

Account Management

For account directors, managers, and client support professionals who want to...

Why you’ll
love learning with
Butler Street’s eLearning.

Butler Street elearning for professionals in staffing

Why you’ll love learning with Butler Street’s eLearning.

It's engaging and interactive.

No boring PowerPoints. No talking slides or useless videos. Our courses effectively teach through interactive coaching modules with fill-in-the-blank fields, questions and answers, and “Your Turn!” exercises.

It teaches transferable skills that drive real impact whether your team has 5 people or 5,000 people.

This staffing training is not about how to use an ATS or how to perform a boolean search. Instead, it combines emotional intelligence training with practical frameworks to enable your teams to drive sustainable growth.

It drives measurable learning retention through
skills assessments and knowledge checks.

It’s not about inspiration, it’s about actionable comprehension on day 1. To maximize engagement, our courses offer in-depth worksheets that follow along each module, quiz members with knowledge checks throughout sections, and equip them with resources they’ll use every day.

It's accessible anytime, anywhere.

No device restrictions. No time restraints. Whether on desktop or mobile device, at the office or at home, Butler Street courses are easily accessible at the click of a button, allowing you to complete courses at your own pace.

Learn 0 x more

eLearning participants learn 5x more material without increasing time spent in training.

0 % more engagement

Companies who invest in eLearning achieve at least 18% boost in employee engagement.

$ 0 : 1 ROI

Every dollar our customers have spent on eLearning has resulted in an average of $30 of productivity gain.

Butler Street eLearning

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"Our monthly revenue has grown 130%. It has been transformational."

“Our entire business development team has gone through the Butler Street eLearning courses. It has been transformational. We follow each and every step of the Butler Street process – no exceptions. Has the training worked? Our monthly revenue from January to September of 2021 has grown 130%. We could have never accomplished our growth without Butler Street.”

Hank Levine

President & CEO, Staffing Industry

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